donderdag 18 december 2008

Come the crunch, are ethical funds really all that good for you?

The first National Ethical Investment Week. With a range of public events from Edinburgh to Plymouth, organisers are aiming to get ethical investment more in the mainstream.
If you buy fairtrade coffee and organic oranges, then it makes sense to invest ethically. Choosing a green and ethical investment is another way of acting responsibly, but many people are still unaware of this option. This is the reason this event will be organised...
Despite initial scepticism that principles couldn't generate a profit, the sector has proven them wrong by giving healty returns. Now, though, the ethical sector is facing one of its stiffest tests, with commentators questioning its ability to withstand the fallout from the credit crunch.
This week will certainly help ethical investors to see what they can do more for the cause

Gilles Bergez

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