zondag 14 december 2008

Ethical investing isn't about losing money

Few succeed to combine ethical investment and profit, but one does the trick. In particular Bridges Ventures did. At the moment, the enterprise helped to establish three funds, which yield winnings and are ethical justified. Bridges Ventures invested in those three companies: The Gym, Hoxton hotel and The Office. Remarkable is that this enterprise state that making profit is even important as the ethical part. Although not many firms get ahead with fusing ethical investment and gaining money, Bridges Ventures stimulates others to follow. It might be that ethical and social investment will decrease caused by the economic crisis, but in the long term these investments will maintain growing. (Independent)

Gertie Bleyaert

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Ron Robins zei

Good luck on your blog! Concerning ethical investing.

I believe that when we invest in a company, or many companies in the case of a mutual fund, we share in the responsibility for the activities of those companies as well as participate in the outcomes of their corporate activities. So, anyone valuing their personal or spiritual growth has to take these things into account when investing.

Also, if everyone invests according to their personal values, then, since so many of our core values are alike — and are supportive of higher ideals — that in the long run, only companies employing these higher values will truly prosper. And there is real evidence of this now.

I advocate, teach, and write on the subject of personal values based investing -- and have a popular website that has unique information which might interest you. It includes the latest global socially responsible investing news and research. My site is at www.investingforthesoul.com

Best wishes, Ron Robins