maandag 15 december 2008

YES WE CAN, can't we?

Does Mr Obama really have the guts to manage America… and the world? In his campaign he promised to institute a cap-and-trade scheme, to reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions and help America meet the Kyoto standards. Obama is a clear proponent of investing in energy efficient and clean technologies in order to lift the American economy. Climate scientists do not want to loose a lot of time and want to have measures or even half measures. Although, making polluters pay for their emissions will raise the cost of electricity and fuel, and creating green jobs could result in job losses. The question is, will Mr Obama’s climate care be his version of Mr Clinton’s healthcare program: an overambitious policy that spills his political capital? All Mr Obama’s ethical investments will be a big task! Buying ethical stocks is a risk because even if there is an agreement, it has to be ratified by 67 of the 100 senators. There is a long way to go Mr Obama! Good luck!

the Economist December 13TH-19TH 2008

Yen Bosmans

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